A/S Maskinfabrikken PcP. is the central base of PF Gruppen.
The company is located in Vildbjerg in Mid-Jutland, Denmark, and has some 100 staff.
World-wide, PF Gruppen has an approximate staff of 280.

A/S Maskinfabrikken PcP.
Maskinfabrikken PcP. – a modern grating factory with manufacturing centres in Holland, Germany, Belgium, Norway and England and sales companies in the US, Hong Kong, Sweden, Ireland, Spain and France.

Maskinfabrikken PcP. is renowned as a modern and enterprising industrial company specialising in the design and manufacturing of mesh and safety gratings and grating steps for floors, walkways, stairs, balconies, platforms and much more. The product line comprises products ranging from highly specialised heat shield decks on oil rigs, decoration of facades and entry areas to ventilation in connection with in- and outlet installations.
The PcP. gratings and steps find a wide range of applications within private and public sector construction, the offshore/onshore, chemical, construction and food industries as well as in many other areas.
In addition to a comprehensive standard range, gratings and steps are manufactured to suit customer requests and needs according to the motto: no task is too small or too large.
Generation of ideas and product development
Inventiveness and product development are the cornerstones of the Group’s market philosophy. Identification and satisfaction of the customer’s needs is the most important factor in the success of the group. Customer involvement in the development phase has resulted in products that are precisely adapted to the circumstances and conditions of each project. After sales service is also given high priority. The project and quality control serve to ensure that confirmed delivery times and quality standards are adhered to.
Facing the future
We expect continued growth for PF Gruppen through focused work based on the company’s expertise and through continuing investments, also in companies that have special expertise within their respective fields.